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Monday, July 30, 2007

muffin top

muffin top is the excess flab that spills out of a waistband that happens to be a tad too tight. this word has been in existence since 2003 and originated in Australia, clever mates, and seen all over the world. low waist jeans actually might be better if you want avoid looking freshly baked and ready to eat.

and this guy thinks its cute sometimes...
im not sure if he's the exception or the majority of the male population.... anyways doesnt matter too much me thinks, opposites will attract as per laws of nature. ("you dont like muffin top? "asks female," i am it, so there!' i bet they lived happily ever after.... besides who dresses for men these days? hmph!)

trompe l'oeil (tromp lowel)

derived from the word french word 'tromper' which means to deceive and 'l'oeil' means the eye. trompe l'oeil is quite a challenging form of art wherein an optical illusion is created on a 2D surface. as always art inspires fashion and vice versa. elsa schiaparelli,(a brave, eccentric designer and arch rival of coco chanel) largely taken up by surrealism first experimented with trompe l'oeil in fashion.

her bow sweater created a stir because it was such an unusual concept. she continued to experiment with trompe l'oeil and surrealism as seen above in the form of the shoe hat and many more.
looks like a hot favourite for those who want that second glance.

Ombre (am'bruh)

apparently also a card game, ombre in textiles & fashion is shading or the merging of dark and light or different colours. if used cleverly it can create illusions of slimmer bodies... or if you are lucky enough not to want that, you can use to create imaginary wider shoulder or a bigger bottom!

john galliano created a custom gown for dear gwen stefani using the ombre technique. i think it suited gwen stefani's personality perfectly with the shocking pink hem rebelling against the usual norms followed for a wedding dress. also how this term came to my attention is, it was quite one of the favourite statements that a lot of designers like prada and louis vuitton chose to make this fall. click on the link below to see the interpretations.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

warming up

il be starting regular posts in a couple of days, you can dip in then.! bye!