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Monday, July 30, 2007

Ombre (am'bruh)

apparently also a card game, ombre in textiles & fashion is shading or the merging of dark and light or different colours. if used cleverly it can create illusions of slimmer bodies... or if you are lucky enough not to want that, you can use to create imaginary wider shoulder or a bigger bottom!

john galliano created a custom gown for dear gwen stefani using the ombre technique. i think it suited gwen stefani's personality perfectly with the shocking pink hem rebelling against the usual norms followed for a wedding dress. also how this term came to my attention is, it was quite one of the favourite statements that a lot of designers like prada and louis vuitton chose to make this fall. click on the link below to see the interpretations.

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chantelle said...

hi i am getting married in Desember and that dress with pink in it just is amazzzzzziiiinnnggg.i love pink....chantelle