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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

the underskirt

It's almost always worn under a saree. It's starchy, costs about Rs.50 (that's a dollar & some cents) and is available in most colours on the colour wheel. I couldn't help falling in love.

(in case anyone was wondering, (in case) I still cannot expose my legs. And don't try to figure out the contraption on my head in the last ensemble.)


Master Z said...

wow!! the 3rd option is amazing
never thot u could do that to a
looks absolutly outdoor wearin worthy.....u will iam guessing
damn nice the double pouf.!!

Jello on Springs said...

i'm seriously in love with your third and fourth outfit, especially the fourth...the scrunching effect you created is just amazing, i think i'll have to try it now.

Baliga said...

lol. we did something like ur last oufit minus the churi pants for one styling thing. kurta with wrap skirt orn as dress :)

and i LOVE! the funky hat thing.

Baliga said...

and u look adorable in the first picture. :)


OMG , I just noticed the tattoo . I lurve it. I really want to get one now...(a diff one ofcourse)
& yes 3rd & 4th pics are tres cool - so very creative.

Pef Quo said...

The petticoats are very nice--I buy mine in Manhattan at NKNY I am just starting a cloth blog, so I linked your site, which I think is beautiful.

RT .. hXc?LqD said...

i am looking and i am liking :D
the styles in 3rd n 4th i like d best
i esp. love those shiny black pumps (i think that's what they're called, right? if not then pardon my ignorance)
and also that poster in d 2nd one :D