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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

jealous much.

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How does mr. facehunter meet so many visually stimulating people in a day?
Anyway, I am completely in awe of the simplicity and confidence of the lady in green. Layering is easy, often anything and everything goes. The challenge according to me is walk out of my home wearing just a single piece of clothing. My natural urge is, "Isn't it too little? Why do I feel so underdressed?". As I reach for an accessory or garment to add on to my ensemble, I hope someday I feel good enough about myself not to depend on the extras.


A.M. said...

i'm the opposite! i find laying frustrating. it's so difficult to find things that won't bulge or whatever under something else. and as far as accessories i buy them and then never wear them! they always feel like too much. i have an over-flowing jewelry box that sits untouched.

indi said...

wow maybe we should swap!