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Monday, September 17, 2007


I've been tagged by dreamecho who has an enviable sense of style and a brillant fashion diary. I thought it as bad news because I cannot not possibly have seven interesting facts about myself to tell. But I had a day full of nothing to do and went to deep self intropection. Here the final seven hopefully intriguing snippets of myself worth printing.

1. I get very uncomfortable in open spaces, around open windows and doors, strong winds,etc. I prefer dark, boxy spaces.

2. I detest making or receiving phone calls, even to or from my closest friends and family. I rather have conversations in person. I have to plan what I intend to say when making a phone call and generally have the urge to put down the phone the moment I say hello.

3. I secretly wanted to be a baton twirler or a gymnast when I was growing up. For very obvious reasons I did not become one.

4. I cannot, yet, bring myself to buy an expensive garment though I would willingly fork out the amount for shoes. My most expensive piece of clothing is striped jersey dress (Rs.3000=$75). Totally not worth it but it was a desperate situation.

5. I have two tattoos and a love/ hate relationship with them.

6. Every month when I'm PMSin, I devour a sappy romance novel in two hours, think happy thoughts for a while then chastise myself for being so corny and banish the book from my sight. Every month. I'm part of a vicious cycle.

7. Nothing makes me happier than a cup of tea. Anytime, anywhere and any kind.
So as to continue the chain I'm tagging
baliga for she always speaks her mind and it might be interesting to hear what she has to say.
diana at so fash'on who is a seamstress, photographer, stylist, artist, owner of a huge fashionable wardrobe. lovely.
and i'm going to leave it at these two.


Baliga said...

wil do :) and if we are coming to mood i will u come to see the ex students? :)

dreamecho said...

i'll be back later to comment on this post (we have a lot in common!) and on the first of india's ss08 fashion weeks, but i just wanted to let you know that i've changed my blog name and address. could you please update your blogroll? my blog name is now "dreamecho" and the address is thanks :)

dreamecho said...

well, i'm finally back...

i found this list thoughtful and definitely intriguing. i could relate a lot to #2 - maybe we have phoneaphobia or something! be glad that that is the case in #4. you probably have good sense of what things are worth!

#6 - ha! that was just too funny. oh man...hormones... and #7 was just so simple and perfect a detail!

i am intrigued by the tattoos...don't feel you have to share, though. i respect one's privacy :)

indi said...

oh joy! you are the third person i know with phonephobia now. about the tattoos, not to create a hype surrounding them but they are not really worth a discussion. i like to think i don't regret them but they weren't my most intelligent choices. must've been attack of the hormones!

dreamecho said...

note to self: do not make tattoo decisions while pms-ing.


I have phonophobia and a love for closed spaces ! And I totally stuff my face with chocolate and watch lame romantic comedies and cry when I am PMSing - So I prefer YOUR guilty pleasure.