the bakery

Friday, October 12, 2007

the chosen ones

To make things somewhat clearer in my mind I decided to photograph some of my favorites things from my wardrobe. These made it to the coveted list. Yes, I love monochrome at the moment, I wish I was a black and white picture.
luggage strap often used as belt hugging broken computer, skinny white belt, rectangular egg shaped vintage clutch, skinny black belt, pointy flat pumps, patent strappy sandals, mother's kitchen timer.
quaint bicycle mobile, drawstring dress, lucky number, patent doctor bag.
wandremani- the cross dressing teddy, bow shirt, leopard tee, pencil skirt, argyle socks, lyla the teapot.

georgette poncho like top, grey beads, black pearls, white pearls, button- i shuffle hanging on for its life.
shower head, grey poloneck tee,grey/white victorian tee, timer/ button pendant, grey pencil skirt with ruffles at the back (back view).

round toed pumps on v.i.p. seat.


cotton candy said...

i love the last photo with the heels on the toilet seat!! it's amazing!!

indi said...

thank you cotton candy!

Baliga said...

im trying to figure out which of items on the coveted list i have seen on you :)

indi said...

hahha yeah well a lot of them were acquired post chennai and some others i did not deem fit to wear to work ( you must know what i mean!) but let me see i've definitely paraded my belts, the black frame bag and the victorian top.. atleast.

Candid Cool said...

i like the heels on the toilet seat too