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Thursday, October 18, 2007

the tea party

Last week I went to Aunty Carla's tea party, quite the fancy affair. But the best bit was that I managed to smuggle some of the polariods taken at the party. I was most amused to read what Aunty Carla had to say about the Looker family. I thought I might as well share the snippets but for the record I think the Lookers' are a lovely family.


Pri said...

I adore, adore, adore your blog!!!

Baliga said...


indi said...

*pri- thank you very much!!
*baliga- now you know what spending entirely too much time indoors can do to you!

cotton candy said...

i love the dadee looker pair of glasses. they're so hot!! =D

I♥M·A·C said...

hey indi,
my email add is i dont know if u had it or not.. xoxo thanks a bunch for scanning the editorials for me, and I will credit u accordingly... xoxox