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Friday, October 12, 2007

india in vogue

This october saw the launch of the Indian Vogue. It is exciting no doubt and quite reasonably priced too. But most of the better shoots and articles were contributed by international Vogue staff. Hope it's just part of the induction process and the next issue showcases more work by the Indian team.
on the cover from l to r- bipasha basu (actress), gemma ward (doll face), priyanka chopra(actress),monikangna dutta (model), preity zinta (actress) and lakshmi menon (model- i wish we saw more of her)
shot on the sets of indian movie "saawariya'
the enchanted garden, rajasthan. gorgeous pictures. i love sasha p.
objects of desire- feat. traditional indian jewelry

pictorial evidence of all things indian from Vogue's archives.

trend- skinny jeans, cigarette pants or what we call churidhar pants.
churi = bangles
churidhar = like bangles (the folds around the ankles are supposed to resemble bangles.)


Baliga said...

lol.. i was quite taken aback me father bought the magazine 4 me.. and i wuv lakshmi menon. and i frankly think the actress'sshuld have been taken off the damn cover.

annd i love te enchanted garden photoshoot! its come out so nice. esp the one where she wearing the green dress and its a full length shot!

indi said...

ya seeing such a standard format for the cover page was a real letdown. but what i think they were doing is trying the commercial angle you know, so more people other than just fashion students picking up the magazine.
i think lakshmi menon should've just hogged the entire page.

I♥M·A·C said...

hey girl,
I loved ur scans, I was wondering if you could also post scans of the beauty section of the magazine, the part about mickey contractor and bips priyanka and priety's favroite beauty tips...Thank you...I run a makeup blog and I was wondering if you could scan those editorials for me...and if you could make them big enough, that I could read them...
Thank you so much

indi said...

*i love mac- hey gimme couple of days and il put up those pages. the scans are heavy files so i cant make them too big but il try my best!

I♥M·A·C said...

ur the best thank u so much, would u mind if i used them on my blog? I will definitely credit you.

fash said...

HI I love ur art work.. (different.. but really nice) If you get time can you post fashion pages from the Vouge..

indi said...

*fash- hello! thank you! ermm,i'm not keen on posting any more Vogue pages on the blog, but i do have the issues of oct and nov and i would rather email pages of interest to you. you can leave your email add if this is ok with you.

Anonymous said...

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