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Thursday, November 22, 2007


There are times when I go seriously wide-eyed when I see something I'm lusting after. This post is not about those times. It's about the times when I get googly eyed because my senses have gone off kilter due to an arrangement, combination or proportion.
Let me demonstrate.
Case number one- booties, boots, brogues.

A five star rating for heeled brogues revealing the perfect amount of ankle. My senses feel harmonious.

A four star rating for mid calf boots that meet the coat exactly.

Googly eyes when ankle boots cover an awkward amount of ankle to create an illusion of short legs, when clearly that cannot be true.
Case number two- Gold. Silver. Together.

Case number three- colored jeans

My rigid mind believes in staying true to the indigo roots of denim.
I've tried to cure myself. Bought myself red all stars hightops to begin with, which eventually got sized down to low-bottoms. I sometimes manage to survive wearing clothes and bags with gold and silver hardware, as long as I don't have to face too many reflective surfaces. Brrrr... but I still won't touch crayon denim. I have to climb stairs to reach home. I'd never make it with blurred eyesight.
Images used purely for illustrative purposes from style, facehunter and denimology. You need not have to agree to what I say although it would be nice to have someone second my opinions.


Blue Floppy Hat said...

My motto is a bit of 'never say never', so I'm open to someone making the looks you described above work. And I do believe it's possible in all three cases- I've seen a (really petite) friend wear her Converse high-tops with a floaty dress that hit just below the knee, and that looked pretty cool. And coloured denim isn't so bad, really- it just depends on what the colour is and how you wear it.

indi said...

sure i have seen people carry it off, but generally they really affect my sense of balance. it's just one of my weird quirks i guess...

Baliga said...

lol... with on both the mixing of metals and the coloured denim.. though like blue floppy hat said some can carry it off. some.

though im still out on the shoes thing.